Members Write

 Unity and Friends  has been a support for me as a parent whose ignorance about homosexuality made it difficult to accept my child’s “coming out”. U&F has, over the years, enabled me to have rich relationships with many other people and enabled me to experience some deep spiritual worship.

Unity and Friends is a unique community of people who affirm our God-given sexuality in all its fullness and diversity. Unity and Friends is an advocate for the participation of all people, especially GLBT people in all aspects of the life and ministry of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Unity and Friends is for me my primary support group. It is there that I feel most valued for who I am, and most supported as I seek to use my gifts and to celebrate God at work in me.

Unity and Friends gives me a place where I feel safe and celebrated for who I am. This enables me to focus on working and sharing with others towards the goals of Unity and Friends, and to set aside the feelings of threat I feel in most other church settings.

Unity and Friends has helped me become comfortable with who I am. It has nurtured me as I seek to grow into a new understanding of God’s unconditional love for me. It has challenged me to celebrate all kinds of diversity in people. As I work and share with other members of Unity and Friends, I am enriched and empowered by the depth of their relationships with God, and by the strength of their desire to build an inclusive church.