Who We Are

Unity & Friends, in seeking to be faithful to Christ has walked with GLBTIQ people, their families and friends over many years. We marvel at their faithfulness to God and the church, despite judgement and rejection from some parts of the church and its clergy.

Unity & Friends are a diverse people of faith who take seriously the life and teachings of Jesus. Jesus, who calls us to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves’ lived this out by being with the excluded ones of his day, drawing them into the community of God’s people.

We are witnesses to their faith and courage, their gifts and graces expressed in various ministries and their loving committed relationships, all of which, we believe are consistent with the Gospel embodied in the person and work of Christ.

Unity & Friends believes in, and is committed to work for, a church which welcomes, affirms and includes GLBTIQ people in all its life, ministries and mission.


  • we seek to provide a safe place where glbti people, their partners, families and friends can enjoy support for themselves, and enjoy being with people who care for their welfare
  • we explore the diversity within the Biblical witness and in theology, in dialogue with insights from the natural and social sciences, and drawing on our own and others experiences
  • we articulate a liberating theology which is life-giving and life-enhancing for all people
  • we continue to call the church to fulfil its mission as an open, hospitable, affirming and inclusive community of witnesses to and for the unconditional, irrevocable and superabundant love of God.

Unity & Friends is always open to new insights and learning.
“We are a pilgrim people on the way… and we have the gift of the Spirit in order that we do not lose the way.” (Para 3, Basis of Union)

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